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Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.

At Vida, we keep Wills simple

Why do I need a Will?

When anyone dies, it's a heart wrenching time that needs stability and simplicity. A Will is an important document in this process. It helps to ensure that your loved ones receive the benefits that you want them to have. Your estate will be made up from various areas; these include, things such as money, investments, property and possessions.  

If you have children under 18, you can name a legal guardian within your Will. 

What happens without a Will?

If you die without a Will, the UK government will decide where your assets are to be passed. This is called the rules of intestacy. These rules are old and do not always pass the estate to where you would think. Children, or sometimes even spouses, can miss out on inheritance. This often presents problems where people are not married or not in a civil partnership.

If you have children under 18, social services will make the decision on who looks after them. This could be foster parents.

Gifts and funeral wishes

Within your Will, you can give gifts and money. A gift needs to be clearly defined so that there is no confusion, along with clear financial amounts if the gift is money.

You can also detail your funeral wishes, such as cremation or burial, however a Will may not be read until after a funeral, so it's probably a good idea to share those wishes before death.

Why use Vida Estate Planning?

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At Vida, we ensure that your Will is simple and straightforward. We use plain English to explain how the process works and who benefits. We will guide you through the decisions on executors, who they can be and when they are appointed. 

The service can be online, such as video calling, or we can visit you in your home. There is no need for you to attend an office. 

With years of industry knowledge and background within financial services, we are well placed to give you the advice you need. 

Get in touch

We do not believe in collecting unnecessary information. You don't give your details when you ask questions in a shop! Therefore, the only information we ask for at this time is an email address. This will allow us to get back to you and respond to your initial enquiry.


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