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Single Will - £39
Mirror Will - £49
Includes VAT and the documents emailed to you, as simple as 1,2,3....

No payment upfront, only pay when you receive your draft...what are you waiting for?

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Our Simple Will service

Welcome to our new simple Will service. 
It's fast, efficient and great value
We want to keep everything as simple as possible and ensure that you get the Will that you want. As with all Wills, you can name your beneficiaries, Executors and Guardians (if you have children under 18)....what more do you need!

We do offer a more in depth service if you wish to add Trusts to your Will, if that's the case, please contact us to organise a chat. 

If you want to get a simple Will in place  without phone calls, more selling and loads of jargon.....then click below to get started now!


Complete a form

Complete our simple encrypted form with the details of who you are naming in your Will. All information is secure and not passed to anyone else, it's just to complete your Will


Check your details

We will draft your Will within 48 hours and send you a copy by email. Check it over and if you are happy, you then pay for the Will.


You have a legal Will

We then remove the watermark, email your Will and hey presto, you have everything in place. You just need to print it, sign it and have your Will witnessed

As we say....we keep Wills simple!

At Vida, we keep Wills simple

Why do I need a Will?

When anyone dies, it's a heart wrenching time that needs stability and simplicity. A Will is an important document in this process. It helps to ensure that your loved ones receive the benefits that you want them to have. Your estate will be made up from various areas; these include, things such as money, investments, property and possessions.  

If you have children under 18, you can name a legal guardian within your Will. 

What happens without a Will?

If you die without a Will, the UK government will decide where your assets are to be passed. This is called the rules of intestacy. These rules are old and do not always pass the estate to where you would think. Children, or sometimes even spouses, can miss out on inheritance. This often presents problems where people are not married or not in a civil partnership.

If you have children under 18, social services will make the decision on who looks after them. This could be foster parents.

Who do I name in my Will?

There are always certain people you will name in you Will to ensure everything is in place.

  • Executors - These are the people that will administrate your estate. They are responsible for liaising with the authorities and the subsequent division of assets to your beneficiaries. They can be anyone, most people use their children or any other beneficiaries.

  • Beneficiaries - Simply, these are the people that will benefit from your estate, the people who end up gaining the assets.

  • Guardians - If you have children under 18, you need to name the people that will look after them if you pass away. If you do not, then the state will decide who they live with and that can be traumatic for all involved.

Other areas that are frequently requested?

  • What about our funeral wishes? - With our simple Wills, there isn't an option to name your funeral wishes. We have done this to keep things as straight forward as possible. It's also worth keeping in mind that your Will is not often read before a funeral, so it's not really worth putting in. If you have specific wishes for your funeral. you would be better served notifying your Executors or considering a funeral plan.

  • We have jewellery, paintings, and other items I want people to have, can I name these? - We do not name gifts in our simple Wills. We can provide you with a simple Word document called a memorandum of wishes that can sit alongside your Will. This allows you to specify where items should go. Please specify that you would like one of these (there's no extra cost!).

  • What about cash gifts? - Again, with our simple Will service, there is no option to specify cash gifts. This can be a grey area anyway, if the cash isn't available on death, it could make settling the Will difficult.

  • Trusts, Trusts and more Trusts - But Vida, we want a Trust in our Will, can you do that? - Not in our simple Will service, it's simple for a reason. Trusts are an excellent add on to a Will, but they are not what everyone wants. If you want a Trust, please get in touch and we can discuss how they work and if they are suitable. We are extremely competitive and wont be beaten on cost.

Please be aware, if any of these points are important to you, then please contact us. We can provide a more in depth service to add these items. 

Preferred Partner to Harwood Law International

Harwood Law International specialise in Employment Law and Residency Services. They are a well established UK Law Company with the founder being a Barrister for over 22 years. Here at Vida, we are proud to be their preferred partner for advice in Estate Planning

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Why use Vida Estate Planning?

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At Vida, we ensure that your Will is simple and straightforward. We use plain English to explain how the process works and who benefits. We will guide you through the decisions on executors, who they can be and when they are appointed. 

The service can be online, such as video calling, or we can visit you in your home. There is no need for you to attend an office. 

With years of industry knowledge and background within financial services, we are well placed to give you the advice you need. 

Get in touch

We do not believe in collecting unnecessary information. You don't give your details when you ask questions in a shop! Therefore, the only information we ask for at this time is an email address. This will allow us to get back to you and respond to your initial enquiry.


Crewkerne, Somerset

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